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The best movies you have to see this week Vol. 2

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Thursday May 25 - Thursday June 1


This week, I'm recommending films that span from the subjects of AIDS and homophobia in America to that of one man's profound love and unique relationship with an artificial intelligence named Samantha; check out my recommendations below.


Her (2013)

OS1, the world's first 'conscious' operating system, has just been released. Theodore, a lonely, recently divorced writer decides to buy the system. He is quickly drawn to Samantha, the voice behind the operating system, and her (algorithmic) perfection causes him to fall deeply in love with 'her' for being able to show him the attention, compassion, and understanding that the people surrounding him cannot/do not. I first saw this film in second year of university when it was assigned for my Media Theories course. The striking cinematography and color coordination caught my eye, and it presents itself as an interesting look into postmodernism and the future. While most of us believe we could never see ourselves loving a robot, this film puts things into perspective and causes the viewer to second-guess that predisposition...


Philadelphia (1993)

An HIV-positive lawyer, Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), is fired from his firm out of fear that his coworkers might contract the disease from him. Andrew sues the firm, with a the help of a homophobic lawyer, Joe Miller (Denzel Washington). As the film progresses, Miller sheds his homophobia in realizing that Beckett is no different from any other person. A notorious film that won 2 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, and multiple other motion picture awards, and a soundtrack that won a Grammy, featuring Bruce Springsteen's song of the same name, Philadelphia is one of those few films that everyone has to see.

Drive (2011)

This renowned film is adored among the 80's revival/new wave enthusiasts. Sporting a synth-and-base-heavy soundtrack featuring Kavinsky, the thriller is set in Los Angeles, with Ryan Gosling starring as the mysterious (and unnamed) driver. A getaway driver by night, he becomes mixed up in a job with his neighbour's husband. When the job goes wrong, the driver finds himself in a fight for his life. If you're looking for pink neon lights, blood and gore under the California sun, and pretty much no dialogue, then this is the movie for you.

Nocturne (1980)

The 1980 short film by director Lars Von Trier is definitely one that will leave you searching your mind for a possible explanation for all of the events that take place during the film, as well as to figure out how to string them together into a linear storyline. Explaining the plot isn't possible aside from acknowledging that it follows a woman who has trouble sleeping since I'm not sure that there is one, but from a purely artistic and aesthetics point of view, Nocturne is a must-see.


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