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With the opening of Ottawa’s newest luxury boutique, The Common, Canada’s capital city now has a direct link to the world of high fashion. In the past, if you lived in Ottawa and wished to purchase high-end street wear and coveted brands, you were required to use travel and online shopping as mediums. Shipping prices, poor dollar conversion rates, and waiting for your item to arrive were all issues we had to face, not to mention the inability to try on or feel the quality of the garments we were picking up. Ottawa native Nader Salib addressed this issue in creating The Common, giving enthusiasts of upscale street wear a venue where they can purchase pieces from prominent and up-and-coming brands in person, and interact with the entire culture of high-end urban clothing and its accompanying lifestyle. Clients can expect brands of the highest quality such as Rick Owens DRKSHDW, Rhude, STAMPD, 424 Fairfax, Wil Fry, and Represent, among others (with more to come), coupled with top-notch service and assistance when shopping. With all of that being said, the exciting element that truly sets The Common apart is the faith that we have in the city, in particular its youth. Ottawa is widely regarded as an older, more conservative-minded city, which places more emphasis on politics, and less on the world of art (entertainment, fashion, food, etc.). However, in taking one look under the surface, Canada’s capital has arguably never seen so much potential in its youth. One of the key purposes The Common wants to serve is to act as a spot for the youth of Ottawa to meet up and hang out. Between the new store, our coffee shop Morning Owl, Le Petit Salon next door, and our future restaurant to be located alongside, The Common will offer an entire complex dedicated to serving the daily needs of all unique individuals, as well as an atmosphere of belonging. Nader has already proven this, in having incorporated some of the youth to help grow The Common right from the start through their various skills, such as photography, painting, design and blogging. We envision a huge future for this city, and it all starts now.


Stay tuned for posts on our grand opening tonight!


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